Q: Can one bring his or her building plan/design?
Ans: No. Designs /plan of houses are standard, but changes can be made within

Q: Does the Building or houses come with fence wall?
Ans: Yes, a dwarf (short) wall is provided

Q: Is swimming pool part of standard building features?
Ans: No. swimming pool is not part of our standard features but could be build on client's request.

Q: What does it mean for an area to be "Serviced"?
Ans: An area is said to be serviced, if facilities like tarred road; drainage; electricity; water etc. are provided.

Q: Are your houses already built?
Ans: No. our houses are built on request

Q: What are the payment terms?
Ans: 40% of the total cost is paid before commencement; 30% at lintel; 20% at roofing and 10% after completion

Q: How does one acquire a property?
Ans: One can acquire a property either by direct payment or through mortgage.